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Police Chief Position

The Kinsman Township Trustees are seeking candidates for the position of Chief of Police for the Kinsman Police Department. 

 The candidate will report to the Kinsman Board of Trustees and will be responsible to supervise the Kinsman Police Sergeant, Officers, and Department Secretary. Their overall responsibilities include utilizing personnel and equipment for overall effectiveness in the efficient operation of the Kinsman Police Department. The candidate will need the ability to work well with supervisors, subordinates, and the general public. 

The candidate must possess:

  1. Good organizational skills

  2. Good reading & math skills

  3. A minimum of 10 Years law enforcement experience

  4. A minimum of 5 Years supervisory/command experience.

Salary is negotiable. 

Please send resumes to Kinsman Township, P.O. Box 399, Kinsman, OH 44428, or contact Fiscal Officer Marge Crupi directly at 330-980-4429.

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