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Kinsman School

Joseph Badger
Local School

Our Mission

The Joseph Badger Local School District will provide academic excellence to all students through an effective and challenging learning environment that encourages students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.



Edwin Baldwin, Superintendent

Gregory Sciola, Treasurer

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2810  |  F. (330) 876-2811


Steven Kochemba, Principal

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2820  |  F. (330) 876-2821


William Hamilton, Principal

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2840  |  F. (330) 876-2841



Mary Williams, Principal

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2860  |  F. (330) 876-2861


Steve Kochemba, A.D.

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2828


Amanda Durst, RN

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2807

Mary Gough, Principal

7119 State Rt. 7, Kinsman, OH  44428

P. (330) 876-2860  |  F. (330) 876-2861

Our New School

The new Joseph Badger School opened September 5, 2006 with the first day of classes for students.  Badger Elementary, Middle and High School form a 175,000 square foot state of the art K-12 facility that services the largest geographical school district in Trumbull County.  Students attending the Joseph Badger School, named after a circuit riding minister, Reverend Joseph Badger reside in Gustavus, Hartford, Kinsman, Orangeville or Vernon Township.  There is also a small population of open enrollment students attending from neighboring school districts.

Joseph Badger offers a diversified curriculum including all day every day kindergarten and college preparatory courses which  include four high school advanced placement (AP) classes.  Badger Middle School is one of the select schools in Ohio  to offer three grade eight classes earning high school credit; French, Algebra and Intro to Physics and Chemistry.
One hundred two dedicated staff members, sixty two certified and forty classified serve the students parents and community on a daily basis.  Joseph Badger offers a comprehensive co-curricular program coinciding with academic offerings and an interscholastic sports program which personifies team play, opponent respect and continued sportsmanship in all contests.

Our New School

Our School History

In these early years Western Reserve was dependent on New England for the first religious activities. Joseph Badger, after his discharge from the armed services in the Revolutionary War for three years, entered Yale College graduating in 1785.

About 1800 he was appointed as a missionary to go to the Western Reserve.  Arriving in Youngstown, he began preaching, riding horseback to the various settlements. He averaged 25-30 miles a day carrying his supplies as he traveled.  The Native Americans treated him kindly and with respect. He was instrumental in starting many churches before enlisting as a chaplain in the War of 1812.

At the time of his retirement in 1835 he no doubt was the best known man in the Western Reserve.  He died at the age of 89 in Perrysburg, Ohio.

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